Traveas – the best of two worlds: Traveas Media and Traveas Technology.

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Traveas Media

Traveas Technology


Traveas is more than a media ad sales company! We are your outsourcing partner for the whole process of selling media advertising. Through experience, knowledge and relevance we help our clients to fulfill their obejctives – our mission:

To turn content into value.

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Traveas Technology is a leading Scandinavian sales and marketing automation company for ancillary services.

We specialize in personalized automation – we turn basic, digital footprints into personalized sales and marketing conversations adding new revenue to each and every booking.

We do that through our platform the Ancillarator™ which is a cloud based sales and marketing automation tool that allows for raw, basic data to be refined into tailor made, personalised offerings and/or conversations.

Traveas mobile and email services helps more than 40 companies in various industries in 11 different countries to expose their hidden assets.

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